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Garden Secrets & Designs is an Alice Springs landscaping business dedicated to providing local clients and those new to the area with affordable garden, construction and maintenance services. Whether you need your overgrown garden transformed into an immaculate garden bed or wish to maintain the appearance of your existing garden, our Alice Springs landscapers do it all. Our solutions can be tailored to your style and budget.
Fountain — New Home in Alice Spring, NT


After receiving a book by Paul Bangay as a Christmas present from her children, our founder Wendy McClymont was inspired to create modern landscape designs. Wendy started Garden Secrets & Designs more than 9 years ago to help Alice Springs locals maintain beautiful gardens. Using her 4-door sedan to transport her mower, rake, shovel, broom and garden chemicals from site to site, and placing a simple ad in the paper every week, Wendy worked hard to ensure the quality of her work and the satisfaction of her clients. As a result, Wendy's business soon grew to become a successful commercial business.

Now maintaining more than 30 garden designs and landscapes, our team can handle domestic projects of all sizes. Wendy is personally involved in the design of all gardens, and will take the time to consult with you to ensure your vision is achieved. Our commitment to high-quality garden services has seen our team expertly handle home gardens, as well as commercial landscaping work including two childcare centres and various unit blocks.


We are proud to have a team of skilled professionals who ensure results exceed expectations. Wendy is our garden designer who can personally create the perfect landscape design to suit your needs. Phill Cotterill and Drue Adcock are our reliable and friendly handyman who can help with all your exterior tiling, paving and home maintenance needs. Wendy will ensure that the health and beauty of your garden is maintained.